BACKmeUP Hosting will work closely with you to assit you to achieve your digital goals and internet presence.

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Web Presence

We focus onyour needs to provide everythign you need to establish your presence on the internet.

IT Support

We work closely with you to understand your needs, and then develop your entire technology plan.

Office Support

Successful businesses understand the need for  solid back office systems and logisitic supply

Data Security

A systematic assesment of your data risk profile helps you ensure you are protected at all times.Online and off.

Product Sales

Hardware and software. Custom solutions for all your  digital equipment


Everythign is easier when you know how. We equip you to do your best, with persanol and team training.

    IT services

Experience the highest level

Working together to deliver value to your business.

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We want to work with You !

We​  focus' on helping our clients make the most of their opportunities. 

We work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable organiza​tions ​​to ac​hieve sustainable advantage.

Developing a plan that is custom-built for your business.