Nothing will happen. You only removed them from the session checklist (these files won’t be backed up in the next backup session). If you have done backup(s) for those files before, the backup(s) will remain in our system.

Nothing will happen in your files which exist on our server, they still sit on our server and you can restore them anytime anywhere you want. Other backup providers will delete the files on the server end if it is deleted on the local machine. Our functionality is referred to as ‘archiving’

Yes. All selected elements are independently dealt with.

If you want to change the items in the session checklist :
• Open the BACKmeUPClient in the classic view
• Go to Backup Mode
• It will show all the files in the session check list
• If you want to remove some files, select those files and click on the “Remove Selected Button”
• If you want to add some files to the session checklist, it can be done in following three ways:
o Using Drag and drop files and folder option, in which files and folder can be added simply by dragging the files to the list of files.
o Using Browse for file option, in which simply browse the local drive and select the files which is to be added to the session check and click “Apply” button.
o Using Search for files ,in which files to be added are searched based on files extensions and then the found files are selected and the “Protect “ button is clicked to add the selected files in the session check list.

As in most display screens, you can drag the column divider to expose more of the filename.

More than one file type can be selected for at once using the cloaking option.

From the OPTIONS page in the Classic View there are three Cloaking settings that can be set:

No cloaking / Files to NOT backup / Files to ONLY backup.

These three settings described above are basically file-type filters used to select a particular type of file in a folder, selected to be a part of the back up set/session checklist.

With FULL cache chosen the effects are to have the shortest session times and the largest footprint on the local drive.

With NO cache chosen, the effects are to have the longest session times but the smallest possible footprint on the local drive; it basically retransfers the entire file.

With intellicache selected the effect is to have a middle ground result. Only files above 500kb are cached, and the files which are less than 500 KB are re-transferred again.

In using a server there is usually no user account logged on to the server directly , however we have to provide the domain name of the domain to which the server belongs and also the login credentials to log into the server.
In a normal PC or laptop, there is always an account logged on for the computer to function. In the case of this Backup program there must be an Administrator account logged on – it may be locked out.

Yes, it can be changed using the BACKmeUP client in the following two ways:

• In the Classic View
o Start the BACKmeUPclient in the classic view
o Go to Options
o Select Email Backup Reports
o Select the checkbox which says “send email reports at the end of scheduled backup”
o Enter the email address where you want the reports to be delivered in the text box below.
o Click Apply

• In the Wizard View
o While configuring online backup using the wizard
o Step 3 of the configuration displays an option to send email backup reports
o Select the checkbox which says “send email reports at the end of scheduled backup”
o Enter the email address where you want the reports to be delivered in the text box below.
o Continue with the back up

You can put the email address of the person who will be monitoring that backup sessions are successful.

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