Yes, multiple accounts can be run from one client. The same client software will log in different accounts provided the correct username and password are provided.

Any file, the loss of which would cause the data owner to suffer from business loss or personal suffering, should be backed up.

It is the user’s choice. If the password is not saved at the login screen, scheduled backup already set will run, as will LiveProtect. The option to save the password allows all users that access the workstation where the client software is installed to change backup settings. For e.g., an account set up on a server, should usually be accessed only by the systems administration and thus this option would not be checked in this scenario.

Yes, passwords are case sensitive. Passwords must be more than 6 characters long.

No, username is not a case sensitive field, but password is case sensitive.

The BACKmeUP account username is proposed by the registrant at the time of registration. Once registration is completed, an email is sent to your subscribed email address as well. Usernames are unique, and cannot be recycled.

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Yes, you can run a single account on multiple computers. You should make sure that the backup sets on the different computers altogether do not exceed the subscribed storage size.

This is a feature which can be selected at the time of creating your backup account. When creating an account in UltraSafe mode, the password is irretrievable. For normal accounts, if ever customers forget their passwords, they can still get the passwords mailed to them by going to and answering the “Forgot Password” question the answer to which is provided at the time of registration. Under UltraSafe mode, your data remains secure, but cannot be retrieved by any means in case of password lost.

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