Safe from Loss: Your data is backed up to BACKmeUP’ datacenters that are themselves backed up to a redundant site. Unless the data is lost on the local drive and the data server and the redundant server all at once, the data is always preserved.

Safe from hacking: BACKmeUP’ three layered encryption known as UltraSafe protects your data. Before the data leaves the local drive, it is encrypted using 256 bit AES encryption. AES is the US Dept. of Defense’s standard for encryption. It is then compressed using a proprietary compression tool. It is then sent via a 128 bit encrypted SSL link. Since the session packets are only the digital differences of the changed files from one day to another, they are unintelligible without the original file. Upon arriving at the data centre, the packet is compared to the original file, encrypted yet again and filed away under its version number and date stamp.

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