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BACKmeUP software and servers use AES encryption, and your data is encrypted on your machine before it is transmitted to BACKmeUP. Data is encrypted at all times while stored by BACKmeUP.

Users selecting BACKmeUP  UltraSafe™ must retain their account name and password in a secure location such as a safe deposit box. Accounts created using UltraSafe cannot be accessed by BACKmeUP and if a user loses his password, the data cannot be accessed.

The BACKmeUP  EULA follows a simple and direct privacy policy. BACKmeUP does not share account information with anyone except as required by law. (BACKmeUP cannot access data stored with UltraSafe even under a Court order; the data is encrypted and the correct password must be supplied to access the data.) Billing data is maintained securely by BACKmeUP’s billing partner.

Additionally, BACKmeUP maintains deleted files until specifically removed by the user. BACKmeUP also maintains all versions of the file that a user sends to the BACKmeUP InfiniScale™ servers.

BACKmeUP provides a 99.9% data access service level agreement (SLA).
BACKmeUP only uses datacenters that are level Tier III and Tier IV datacenters across the BACKmeUP global data grid.

BACKmeUP provides an additional level of assurance that is not otherwise available from other backup services. All data is replicated in two datacenters, eliminating datacenters as a single point of failure. Competitors’ SLAs are premised on the performance of a single datacenter.

Regulatory Compliance

BACKmeUP when used with UltraSafe complies with the record backup requirement and privacy requirements of HIPAA. No additional contract is required with BACKmeUP. A longer certification is available on request.

SARBANES-OXLEY and other auditing standards
BACKmeUP when used with UltraSafe meets all SEC and similar regulatory standards.

SAS 70 Type II
BACKmeUP datacenters are SAS 70 Type II audited.

US EU Safe Harbor
BACKmeUP – Safe Harbor Data Privacy Policy

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